Our Services

Arrow provides service to over 77 locations throughout all 34 provinces in Afghanistan. We have delivery points throughout Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar-e sharif, Salerno, Gardez, Herat, and MES;


Bulk Fuel Storages :



  • 12,000+ MT Jet Fuel Capacity
  • 2.5 million USG Diesel Capacity
  • Multiple Tanker Truck Upload Points /Download Points
  • JP8 Blending Capability with Injectors and on-site quality assurance testing laboratory




  • 300,000 USG Jet Fuel Capacity
  • 120,000 USG Diesel Capacity
  • 30,000 USG Gasoline Capacity
  • 20+ millions USG Jet Fuel Capacity
  • 10 RTC Download Points & 18 Truck Upload Points


- Professionally designed and constructed to exceed the most rigid international API standards


- Professionally managed and staffed by a trained and experience team


- API Standard Filtration


- Epoxy Coated Jet Storages


Contact us today to schedule a tour and for information on how we can meet your Jet, Diesel, and JP8 needs.